What are the advantages of a glass office desk?
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What are the advantages of a glass office desk?

It has been a while since glass tables like wooden tables have been able to enter the market by providing the right standards and quality and gain their position and popularity. If you do not intend to choose a wooden table, other options are plastic and glass. The plastic table has very little resistance to impact and load, and on the other hand, it does not have a suitable effect for use in offices. Another choice is the glass desk, which some people think is dangerous for employees because of its fragility, and they don't buy it. In this article, we will explain that contrary to public opinion, glass tables are also suitable for office spaces and can be a good choice.

Glass tables are strong, sturdy and stylish in design, and at the same time, they have great flexibility in production, which can easily be shaped into any shape. Made of a gel-like material, glass is very versatile and can be used well in combination with metals, woods and even ceramics.
This property of glass for the passage of rays imposes a sense of purity and cleanliness as an element of the work table. The advantages of the glass table depend on the type of glass used, which we will discuss in the rest of the article.

Why choose a glass table for your office?

There are many reasons that make it reasonable to choose a glass office desk. We will mention these reasons further.
• Aesthetic design:

 Glass is one of the most delicate materials and they can convey the image of the company in the office where they are used and it gives a lot of style to the rooms and offices that equip them.

  • Performance and resistance:

Although there is still a perception that glass is not durable, the reality is that it is very durable and resists impact and scratches. If toughened glass models are chosen, the stability they provide, breaking them will not happen easily.
Combination with other materials:
 The transparency of the glass makes it a great ally for the designer when choosing the color of other office furniture. Precisely because of its neutral color, it can be combined with any other color and even used to create environments in different shades without being too decorative.

Glass tables give a beautiful and modern effect to the space.
• Cleaning and care:

 Glass is very easy to maintain and clean. In fact, the only thing you need is a glass product and a cloth to take care of it, and there is no need for more expensive and complicated special solutions that are used to clean all types of wood.
The fear of choosing a glass desk for the office is based on a belief that furniture manufacturers have already overcome. In fact, the current designs of glass furniture for offices are made with different techniques that can provide maximum resistance and adapt to the work for which they are designed. This is not the case with covers like those offered in home furniture, and in many cases they adopt rounded shapes or with curved corners so that people do not bump into their sharp corners. There is no need to worry about the glass office desk; That is why if you think that one of these glass tables can be suitable for your company both in terms of beauty and functionality, we recommend that you take advantage of all its advantages compared to other materials and use it. order.

Glass tables are strong, sturdy and stylish in design
Types of office glass desks:

1- Transparent glass:

The back panel of this transparent glass table has properties similar to acrylic plastic. It is clear and bright and can protect the table from reasonable damage. Clear glass tabletop is colorless glass with colored or colorless edges. This type of board has a low temperature potential that can be improved by increasing its thickness and its colored edge. Clear glass reflects almost all sunlight or artificial light that falls on it. This type of glass is the most widely used type of glass because it is found everywhere and it is very cheap to make.

2- Colored glass:

This type of glass is designed by adding different colors to the glass material. The color of this glass can be black. Or gray, green or even green-black. This glass has many features that are very similar to clear glass tabletop, but it can absorb more thermal stress than clear glass. It reflects less sunlight and artificial light and is better used in situations where low light is needed.

Glass tables are also suitable for office spaces and can be a good choice for stylish people.
3- Toughened glass:

Unlike clear glass and colored glass, tempered glass tabletop is a very strong glass material with high impact resistance. This glass is made by compressing silica and softening and strengthening it with heat. Tempered glass cannot be easily scratched, broken, punctured or cut with low mechanical force. Tempered glass is very strong, two to five times stronger than colored and clear glass, and is one of the best choices for office glass desks.

4- Matte glass:

Like tempered glass, the frosted glass tabletop has a high density, but is made of a sandblasted surface. It is similar to glass, but the continuous passage of light through it is limited. In terms of temperature potential, frosted glass table top is 6 times stronger and stronger than clear glass. The frosted glass table is mostly used for office tables and conference meetings.

5- Laminated glass:

The laminated glass table is completely different from the other discussed glass. This product is made from the combination of two crystals on a thin layer of polyvinyl, which makes it resistant to thermal load or mechanical impact. One of the advantages of laminated glass is the ability of its inner layer to hold the glass when it breaks. Laminated glass is completely soundproof and can help reduce the transmission of UV rays.

Glass tables, like wooden tables, have been able to gain their status and popularity.
Are glass office desks dangerous?

According to our experience, glass is a fragile element and we know that using furniture in this material creates a little fear and anxiety. According to this idea, the glass office desk will break down faster or it may be an occupational hazard, but don't worry; Tempered glass tables are a very safe option.
Tempered glass is very resistant and does not break easily. If you want to use Sekurit glass tables, but you are not sure if it is a reasonable choice or not, then your doubts will be resolved They will be.

Advantages of Sekurit glass tables

• Elegance and timelessness

There is no material more delicate than glass that has a flat and smooth appearance. Glass office desks bring a modern yet formal feel and perfectly define our office decor style. The best feature is that they fit in any space without disturbing the harmony of colors, shapes or decorations. Also, the office glass table is a kind of eternal table; That is, it will never go out of fashion because it is a neutral type of design. Office glass table is used to create avant-garde spaces or minimalist, industrial, classic and modern designs.

• Resistance

We know that the main cause of fear when thinking of glass comes from the idea that it will break when faced with a sudden movement or impact. Of course we should take care of our furniture, but this is a myth that needs to be debunked.
Conventional glass is more susceptible to injury and a direct threat to employees due to the risk of breakage. However, tempered glass is suitable for making office desks. During the manufacturing process, glass is exposed to high temperatures and then rapidly cooled to harden the material.
This is why tempered glass is an ideal type of material for a glass office desk, as it has a solid surface that can withstand all kinds of weights.

Office desks with tempered glass have high impact and load resistance and do not break easily.

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Why is an office desk with tempered glass better than an office desk with plain glass?

Traditional glass tables are dangerous and unsafe in all kinds of spaces, but the table with tempered glass has a very high strength against shocks and loads.

What are the advantages of buying a glass office desk?

Resistance, beauty, light transmission and the sense of transparency of the space and the elegance and modernity of the office glass desk are some of the advantages that can compete with other materials.

What are the types of glass office desks?

Glass office desks can be made of different glass such as plain glass, colored glass, laminate, tempered, opaque and transparent. Of course, tempered glass can also be frosted.

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