What are the most important advantages of standing?
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What are the most important advantages of standing?

Today, 65 to 75 percent of office work is done while sitting. The negative effects of long-term sitting cannot be neutralized by short-term exercises. So one solution is to stay standing. Standing in front of the office desk is the easiest way to combat potential physical injuries from work.

Standing work helps counteract the effects of sedentary work and has become an increasingly innovative way of working in many offices.
The benefits of standing work are many: by standing, excess body fat is burned, the back is in a good position, and the blood circulation system is improved.

• Standing and sitting work: advantages and disadvantages

An excessively sedentary lifestyle can be dangerous for your health

. Sitting for a long time without getting up causes the position of the neck and shoulders to be in the wrong position for hours, which can lead to pain and physical injuries in the long run.
If back pain is one of the first injuries caused by sitting too much, a sedentary lifestyle is also one of the factors that lead to problems such as heart disease, decreased muscle mass, joint disorders and obesity.
On the other hand, standing work improves blood circulation, keeps the muscles and mind active for a long time. Even to reduce the monotony of the work environment, it is very useful to encourage creativity and productivity. So much so that the practice of standing meetings has become increasingly popular in many companies, because the standing position is effective for facilitating the sharing of opinions and increasing new ideas in the work team.

Contrary to popular belief, standing does not reduce back pain.
Benefits of standing work:

The benefits of standing work not only have a positive effect on physical and metabolic health, but also on mental health. Some of the main benefits of standing work include:

• Improve body posture:

Sitting for long periods of time leads to poor posture and subsequent straining, which can cause muscle pain in the neck and shoulders. The most obvious aspect of standing work is the ability to change posture during work hours. Standing in the office actually allows you to distribute your weight better and put less strain on your back.

Reducing shoulder and back pain:

The standing position continuously activates the muscles of the trunk and abdomen and strengthens and protects the back. This continuous exercise during work leads to reduction of shoulder and back pain. If you want to start standing up but have never done it before, remember to start gradually. In order to change the position and gain the necessary strength to stand for a long time, one should train the back muscles. Our suggestion is to replace standing work with sitting work and gradually increase the standing time.

• Increasing the level of good mood:

Some studies have shown that working with a standing office desk has a positive effect on mood and increases energy levels. As mentioned, working standing improves blood circulation, reactivates metabolism and reduces fatigue and tension. On the contrary, sitting for a long time at a desk can lead to slow blood circulation and feeling more tired.

•    improving Productivity:

Most of the time we spend sitting in the office makes us feel tired and stressed and makes it difficult to concentrate. Scientific studies confirm that working standing up keeps you more active on the one hand, and on the other hand gives you the ability to maintain focus and stay focused for a long time.

Most of the time we spend sitting in the office makes us feel tired and stressed and makes it difficult to concentrate.
• How long can you work on your feet?

Although a sedentary lifestyle leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and other diseases, standing for 8 hours a day in a row is also not the right thing to do and may be harmful. Especially when starting to work standing, standing hours should not be more than two to three hours.
Experts recommend that you find your routine programs that suit your body and habits. Then determine which tasks are best done standing and which tasks are best done sitting. Or you can predetermine a period of time in which you will work standing.

• How to choose a good standing desk:

Obviously, for standing work, it is not recommended to use a desk with a lower cover that is designed for sitting work. For this reason, there are special height-adjustable desks, standing desks that can easily be moved between two positions. The first feature that a standing desk should have is precisely the ability to have an adjustable height.

Studies have shown that working with a standing desk has a positive effect on mood and increases energy levels
Types of standing desks:

There are two main models of standing desks:
• First class table: adjustable in height with a simple crank mechanism or automatic lift (where you can go from sitting to standing at the push of a button). In some desk models with motorized adjustment, it is possible to remember different height settings automatically.
• Second category table: This table has a two-shelf system, so that the monitor is placed in the upper part and the keyboard is placed in the lower part. Downstairs has a large surface that can be used for seated work. This desk is a series of standing desks that can be easily and quickly adjusted in height.

• Last suggestion: replace 30 minutes of standing work with 30 minutes of sitting work:

At least for the first month, change the position periodically, your back muscles are not yet ready for the big jump and it will take patience to restore the strength necessary to keep you on your feet for a long time. Patiently alternate standing with sitting, gradually increasing the time spent standing.
After two months, standing will be as normal for you as sitting, to get the most benefits possible Get it standing up. However, keep in mind that it is not recommended to stand for the entire 8 hours of work.
If you have just started working standing, it is better to work standing for a maximum of two hours in the first days.

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What are the advantages of standing?

The benefits of standing work include reducing excess body fat, better blood circulation, and reducing back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Does standing work cause back pain?

No, contrary to popular belief, working standing does not reduce back pain because when you work standing, you constantly have to change your position and by dividing the weight, the pressure on the back will be less.

Is it possible to work standing all day long?

If you have just started working standing, it is better to work standing for a maximum of two hours in the first days. After a few months of standing work, the muscles of the body become strong and the hours of standing work can be increased. At the same time, it is not recommended to stand for all 8 working hours.

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