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In each project, according to the needs of the employer, the specific budget, the set time and the specific goals that have been set in advance for that project; A specific process will be defined in the project. But in general, what is clear is the steps of the project and receiving approvals specific to each step from the employer.

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Normally, after introducing the project and defining the needs of the client from the project, the steps of mapping and drawing detailed technical drawings of the project site are done by the surveying team. Then, according to the client's requests, if there is no initial design, the products are designed with full detail to the factors of beauty, form, application and ergonomics, and are modeled by 3D software, and finally product images are presented to the client in the form of several suggestions. It turns. After the approval of each of the proposed plans, if changes are needed, the necessary changes are made on the plans and the edited plans are sent to the employer several times to be approved by the employer in every way.

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After the final approval of the designs by the employer, the technical drawings of the products are prepared and the initial mocap of the products with the materials defined in the product design is produced and assembled at the project site as a sample room. All products can be tested technically, engineering, and applied. If the employer's discretion and needs changes in details, fittings or product layout, the previous steps will be repeated. This process will continue until the final approval of the employer on each product and details.

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With the final approval of the design of the sample room using the comprehensive MohitTotal system, which has become a native ERP, it is the result of 19 years of efforts of the IT unit of Mohit Ara Company; The structure of each product related to the project is defined in the system and shop plans related to different types of rooms are prepared in the shortest possible time and the production speed of the products is increased accordingly. And it has significantly improved the company's production, as well as reduced the organization's overhead costs, which directly affects the cost of the product and the quality of service.
The use of this system has made it possible to design and arrange all kinds of spaces in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the products are designed and drawn exactly in accordance with the existing space and specifically in accordance with that space. This advantage causes the existing spaces to be used in the best way and the uniformity of the product dimensions to be avoided due to the ease of mass production. Documents related to product drawings, shop drawings and technical information related to each unit are also provided to the employer in the form of booklets.

In relation to the design and equipment of hotel furniture, in addition to factors such as beauty and creating a pleasant atmosphere, what is of great importance is the durability and function of the products so that they are not easily damaged and the employer has to spend time and money to replace or repair Products should not be in a short period of time.
The use of appropriate raw materials, taking into account the product location and environmental conditions, climate, etc. is one of the most important factors in the design and production of furniture. For example, using natural veneer instead of melamine veneer in hotel furniture may not seem cost-effective at first, but by considering the properties of this material, including high durability, the possibility is minimized. Scratches on products and the possibility of quick and low-cost repairs instead of replacing when damaged, make this material suitable for hotel furniture.
Also, the use of the best and highest quality fittings, the quality of the final finishing of product surfaces is one of the factors affecting the beauty and durability of products.