Mohitara Designer and manufacturer of various furniture systems, operates as the largest and most industrial furniture factory in the country. The politics and character of the voting environment, based on its experience and savings, is the design and production of beautiful, privileged and unique products in an industrial way. Among the characteristics of the voting environment, we can mention the speed in design and production, observing the quality and international standards, as well as using the principles of ergonomics and anthropometry. Mohitara factory is equipped with the most advanced production machines and equipments and production aid of wood, metal, glass and plastic in terms of strength, speed and quality. Using its unique information technology and software systems, Mohitara Company makes all its processes and workflow electronic and systematic and provides its services with the desired quality to the esteemed customers in the shortest possible time. Give.

Having an identity of production environment in production is always the policy of the research and development unit. The result of this thinking is the design and manufacture of beautiful products with appropriate efficiency, in an industrial way, using special purpose parts. Therefore, Mohit Ara Company has been able to significantly increase the production capacity of industrial parts by creating a special mold making workshop equipped with advanced CNC machines and to enable the realization of its various designs in the shortest possible time.

The need to maintain and strengthen the characteristics of the environment, which includes speed in the manufacture and production of various industrial parts, as well as production in compliance with international and quality standards and finishing at the highest possible level, highlights the need for advanced machinery and equipment. Therefore, after reviewing and identifying the best industrial machinery factories in Europe, the company has equipped its production systems with the most advanced production machinery and equipment and production assistance of wood, metal, glass and plastic in terms of strength, speed and quality.

Following the acquisition of independence in production, Mohit Ara has been able to dramatically increase the speed and quality of production by creating specialized workshops such as wood, plastic, glass, metal and using advanced CNC machines in each of the above areas. On the other hand, the spirit of independence prevailing in the production of the factory has caused the overhead costs of production to be reduced and the customer to enjoy the benefits of the product with quality and reasonable price and delivery in the shortest possible time. Also, the stability of the system in all planning has always been considered as an important principle.

One of the main factors in the cost price is the cost of converting raw materials into parts or manufactured goods. Therefore, in addition to producing its parts, the company uses the electrostatic powder coating line using the Conveyor Belt system. Utilizing this advanced powder paint line in the metal sector has resulted in the production of high quality products in the shortest possible time.

In the plastic workshop, equipment and machines for the production of plastic parts from one gram to 3 kg are available. These machines, which are fully automatic, have been selected from world-renowned brands in the plastics industry and have considerable speed and quality in the production of plastic parts.

Introducing the factory - 5 min

Introducing the factory - 11 min

The process of product design in the research and development unit (R&D) of Mohit Ara Company is done in a regular and planned cycle. This process includes various steps such as: need identification, subject analysis and research, idea generation and sketching, 3D modeling, rendering, reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the product in the simulated environment, making an initial replica of the best ideas by 3D printers , Review of technical and aesthetic factors, evaluation and selection of the final design, product prototyping, adding the product to the list of products produced by the company and finally defining and analyzing its manufacturing processes in the comprehensive system of Total environment.

In the interior design section, the spaces are represented by knowing the features of each product and taking into account the needs of the user, according to the dimensions, ambient light, color and taking into account the privacy and feeling of the user, and its design in 3D virtual space. Customer provided. It is noteworthy that because the ideals and values of individuals are different from each other, an attempt is made to provide diverse spaces, tailored to different tastes.

In some cases, several revisions and modifications have been made in the designs, in order to provide pleasant spaces in accordance with the principles of aesthetics. During the design process, all steps are informed to the customer via SMS, e-mail and a dedicated panel on the website with the help of the integrated management system (Total environment) and the changes requested by them are applied quickly.

Exhibition of factory-based products