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Activists in the field of tourism believe that Iran's tourism and hotel industry will grow significantly in the coming years and it seems that domestic and foreign tourists will increase well in the coming years.
The tourism industry with a high employment rate is one of the most important industries and mother countries. The successful experience of the communities that have given importance to this sector shows the effective and investable areas in creating employment and favorable circulation of economic cycles. Providing suitable and safe accommodation centers is one of the requirements for countless tourists to enter the country, the evaluation of which can attract more investors, and this appropriate reception of its travelers can ensure the creation of countless job opportunities. Today, most of the national income of countries is obtained from hotels and services to travelers, and many countries have only exports of tourism services and facilities and thus compensate for their national deficits.
Although accommodation in a hotel is not the main goal of a tourist, but without the availability of accommodation facilities and the type of management and methods of attracting tourists in accommodation centers, there is no desire to see a tourist attraction. Therefore, creating suitable accommodation infrastructure for tourists and creating favorable conditions is one of the requirements for attracting tourists in any country. In other words, increasing the number of incoming tourists depends on providing facilities, creating the necessary conditions for desirable and worthy accommodation and hospitality; Therefore, it is not unreasonable that capitalists and investors in developed countries of the world pay special attention to the hotel construction, equipment and management industry.


There is usually a certain process involved in the process of doing a hotel project, knowing which can help the customer make a decision. Having this clear process and the infrastructure and tools that have been designed for this purpose, will help speed up the project process and will achieve the best efficiency in the shortest possible time.
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