Why install a sound insulation partition in your office?
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Why install a sound insulation partition in your office?

In work spaces, different things are usually done and usually many people are doing different activities at the same time, so the noise is usually constant and in some cases it is even annoying for people who share activities in this type of space.

Noisy places can attract the attention of employees and create a disturbance that prevents them from performing their duties properly, which is why the best sound reduction solutions are generally sought in these types of spaces. And one of the excellent solutions is to install sound insulation as well as sound insulation office partition. To install sound insulation in the office, it is better to pay attention to the available area and the office furniture you think it should have.

If you want to know why sound insulation and soundproof office partitions are very important in your office, in this article we will explain all its benefits, stay with us until the end of the article.

Where the most noise is concentrated in the office:

As you know, the planning of an office is done in different aspects and generally the first thing we think about is the office furniture and its decoration. There are also other elements that should be considered so that the office environment is livable and does not have annoying noise; such as placing sound insulation; But where to put the sound insulation in which part of the office?

The first thing to consider when thinking about an office and reducing its noise level as much as possible is to determine where the biggest source of sound is. In general, there is an area of ​​the office where more tasks are performed, there is more activity or the largest number of people working inside the office are concentrated and these are the areas where a good soundproof office partition they need.

Noise transmission generally occurs through walls. If the work rooms adjacent to each other do not have sufficient soundproofing, it is likely that the voices of the employees of the adjacent room will be heard when they talk or perform their duties; Something that can be very annoying for the concentration of colleagues and lead to a decrease in their productivity due to discomfort.
Having enough sound insulation and strategic placement on the walls where sound waves can be felt, or installing a soundproof office partition is a way to prevent annoying noises that exist in work environments.

By identifying the points of the office environment where the most sound return occurs, which can be doors, windows, walls, floor or ceiling, the appropriate strategy is searched for the placement of sound insulation that reduces the noise to the smallest power.


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What are the advantages of sound insulation and soundproof office partitions?

Disturbing sounds are the main cause of distraction and the work environment is more disturbed and less productive, so sound insulation is made of different materials and designed for every type of need in an office. Privacy is one of the biggest benefits of soundproofing, as placing these elements in strategic locations can mean that conversations taking place in one office cannot be heard in other cubicles or rooms that are part of the workplace.
Another important benefit is increased productivity. Having 100% efficient spaces is a way to improve daily work, so having soundproofing that prevents personnel from being distracted by listening to sounds or conversations from other office departments is a way to work more efficiently and achieve easy goals.
Partitions with sound insulation, in addition to the advantage of sound insulation of offices, have a series of other advantages, which generally include the division of partitions. In the following, we will specifically address some of the advantages of using the office partitions of the company Omih Ara:
• These partitions give a modern style as well as elegant and attractive to the office.
• When using transparent or semi-transparent partitions, the space appears larger.
• Allows light to pass through and is more pleasant to work in a bright environment.
• The possibility of providing a unique space for each person who uses the office.
• They can be manufactured to the size and needs of any company.
• They are very easy and simple to install.
With the best sound insulation office partitions available on the site of the Mehi Ara office furniture production company, you can achieve the best state of sound comfort and well-being. An office where the noise is reduced is precisely the most efficient part of the work, but it is also more balanced for the psyche of the people who make it up.


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By installing a soundproof office partition, it is a way to prevent annoying noises in the workplace.

Types of sound insulation:

You can choose from different ways to achieve more audio efficiency in your office. For example, we can refer to the normal coating, in which you can use a variety of coatings such as melanin, varnish or wood, which is compatible with any type of space.
If your work environment is very large, the acoustic office partition with layers made of different types of synthetic materials is the best solution, because it optimizes the indoor sound quality.
Phenolic lining is another excellent solution that is usually widely used in professional environments such as dental clinics, schools and hospitals, because it has materials that are very easy to clean and ensure It is not pathogenic.
To achieve the best sound absorption in your office walls, these acoustic panels not only have the best sound-retaining materials such as felt, which is one of the best sound-absorbing materials, but are also designed with a special shape that prevents it. One of its important features is that it can be placed on the wall by means of a magnetic system.

Special features of soundproof partitions:

To achieve the required sound insulation in offices and as a result to achieve excellent productivity and adequate privacy, Party Soundproof office sand is generally made with insulating materials such as double-glazed glass (laminated or tempered) or double-glazed panels, and they are easy to move and distribute the space well, in addition, the glass allows excellent light transmission and In addition to more brightness to the whole space, it gives a sense of more scope to the office.

Suggested spaces for installing soundproof office partitions:

It's true that these types of partitions are usually used in offices, and that's why they got this name, but their use is not limited to offices and far from it.
These partitions can also be installed in health centers and hospitals to delimit waiting rooms, as well as in schools, hotels and even in your own home, because the main use of these elements is to divide rooms and therefore they can work anywhere.

Soundproof partitions give the office a modern style as well as elegant and attractive.

How much time does it take to install the administrative partition?

The duration of installing the office partition depends on the dimensions of the space. For example, it takes 3-4 hours to install the partitions of a three-by-four room.

Is it possible to disassemble and move the administrative partition?

Yes. Due to the structure of Periwal office partitions of Mehitara, it is possible to move them many times without any damage.

How can we choose the type of material and model of the required office partition?

You can get free advice on choosing the best office partition by contacting Mohitara the office furniture and equipment company.

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