Office Partition Selection Guide
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Office Partition Selection Guide

In this article, you will get acquainted with the most important key points of buying and choosing an office partition. These points include the introduction of different types of office partitions in terms of materials, wall thickness and characteristics of each.

Office Partition Selection Guide:

• If you have limited access to natural light in your office plan, glass office partitions are a good option and it is better not to use all-wood partitions. Glass partitions, whether transparent or opaque, allow light to pass through and keep the space bright.
• For spaces where you need flexibility in terms of visibility to adjacent rooms, use double-walled office partitions with blinds.
• In areas where the floor needs to be washed, such as hospitals and laboratories, it is best not to use wooden office partitions. Wood rots very quickly due to low resistance to moisture and you have to change the partition. In these environments, you can use glass or aluminum instead of wood. The bottom few centimeters of the partition that is most likely to get wet, it is better to work with aluminum and the rest of the partition is glass.
• In spaces where desks and office furniture are close to or attached to partitions, it is always possible for desks and chairs to collide with partitions; For this reason, it is better to use a combination of wood and glass partitions. We suggest that the lower part of the partition be about 40 to 80 cm, wooden and the rest of it be made of glass.

Installation of aluminum office partition with glass cover, to create a modern feeling in work spaces

• If you are looking for a natural and sensual look, wooden partitions are what you need.
• Use acoustic screen partitions if there is a lot of noise in your work environment and you are looking for a quiet environment.
• For team work spaces, short partitions and spaces that need comfort and concentration, high partitions up to the ceiling are a good choice.
Smart glass partitions are an interesting idea for spaces where you want to control the outside view; When you do not want to be seen in your office, use the remote to make the transparent glass partition opaque. This is also useful in business conference rooms.
• To better communicate with the customer, you can stamp your company logo and color pattern on the partitions.
Double-glazed glass partitions with blinds are a great choice for conference and management room walls. These partitions, with the ability to adjust the view to the outside, make it possible to receive light and visual vision. Also, because they are double-walled, they are good sound insulation against annoying noise.

Mohit Ara office partition: Double glazed security glass with shutter curtain suitable for use in conference room

• If you have a lot of height for the partitions of your office environment, it is better to use Securite glass. Single-pane glass is not suitable for high altitudes and can damage people or objects if broken.
• For parts of the office environment that require only physical and not visual separation, you can use a short height partition. The material of these partitions can be single-walled glass or a combination of glass and wood. The optimal height of these partitions can be considered 120 to 160 cm.
• In environments that require ventilation and natural air circulation and do not have independent ventilation, it is better not to use high ceiling partitions. Medium height partitions with an optimal height of 220 cm are suitable for these environments.
• If you want your office or company space to look bigger than it is, frameless office partitions are a great choice. These partitions, while dividing the space, maintain visual transparency and give a wide view to the users of the space.

Types of office partitions:

Office partitions are divided into three categories in terms of material: wood, glass and polycarbonate. Each of these materials can be combined with each other.
Types of office partitions in terms of wall and thickness:
Office partitions are divided into two categories: single-walled and double-walled.
 In terms of thickness, these partitions are produced in three categories:
2.5 cm frameless partitions.
Priwall system single wall partitions with a thickness of 6 cm.
Priwall system double wall partitions with a thickness of 10 cm.

Office environment partition: Aluminum with glass cover. Ability to choose the color of the frames

Types of office partitions in terms of material:
• Aluminum partitions with glass cover
• Aluminum partitions with wood coating (MDF)
• Aluminum partitions with polycarbonate coating
• Aluminum partitions with fabric cover
Aluminum partitions with glass cover
These partitions are known as aluminum partitions because of the use of aluminum frames. Other parts of this partition are made of glass.
Aluminum partitions with ambient glass cover are divided into the following categories:
• Simple double-walled glass partition and security
• Double-walled matte glass partition and all matte sandblast and satin needle
• Double glazed Securit glass partition with logo and roller blinds
• Fabric coated glass partition
• Simple 6 mm single glass wall partition and security
• Single-walled glass partition 6 mm matte and all opaque Sandblast and needle satin
• 6 mm Securite single wall glass partition with logo

Execution of double-walled Securit glass office partition with roller blinds: suitable for business meeting rooms

Aluminum partitions with wood coating (MDF)
Aluminum partitions with wood veneer (MDF) are divided into the following categories:
• MDF partition on both sides of melamine 8 mm double wall
• MDF partition on both sides of 16 mm double wall melamine
• Melamine MDF partition 16 mm single wall

MDF partitions environment

 Mohitara technical features of double-walled partitions Priwall

Glass of curtained parts of 6 mm type.
W Partitions of Priwall system with double wall with all-aluminum structure with billet grade 6063 with a thickness of 10 cm with the ability to cover plating and electrostatic paint in different colors.
All matte parts of Satina Securit glass with the ability to use whiteboard or sandblast.
All glass parts with acoustic tape.
Framing of all blocks by alloy parts.
Impossibility of dust penetration into the inner wall of the partitions.
Complete connection of the blocks to each other and the absence of any seams between them.
Block connections are of polyamide type and are hidden.
Has a runner and filler for roof and wall to compensate for sloppy and sloping in uneven and uneven areas.
Ability to disassemble and change the dimensions of partition blocks دف many times and the ability to reassemble with very high security and without damaging the partitions.
Partitions are static in nature and do not require any screws or bolts to restrain.
Has special profiles to create different angles in the design.
All profiles and parts are made of aluminum and no iron parts are used in the partitions.
Shutters are made of aluminum and volumes can be used to adjust the amount of light entering and visual visibility.
Ability to pass all types of cables, telephones, networks and electricity and install electric box kits.

Perimeter glass partition

Mechanism and method of frosting the windows of perimeter partitions:


Partition glass is frosted in two ways:

Sand blasting: In sandblasting, sand or other synthetic materials are sprayed on glass with strong pressure. Depending on the design of the glass, which is completely opaque or opaque, if the glass partition is opaque, a special adhesive tape is placed on the parts that we do not want to be opaque, and the rest of the open parts are opaque by sand spraying.
Satina: In this method, under chemical treatment, a print of chemicals (hydrofluoric acid) is sprayed on the glass in the form of steam or dust, which causes the glass to lose its gloss and have a smooth, matte appearance. The needle partitions of the peripheral glass are blurred by the satin method.

Advantages of Satina Glass Partitions:
• Privacy
• Beauty and charm and create a modern and stylish look in the space
• Passing sunlight and not reducing natural light
• High strength of glass due to its durable materials
• Inhibit light reflection and reflection
• Can be used as a whiteboard.

Create privacy in the management room with partitions with shutters and a fully opaque door

Create a custom logo on glass partitions:
In the office partitions made by Mohit Ara Company, it is possible to order any type of logo on the partition. These logos are inserted on the partitions by laser or sandblasting process.

Is it possible to disassemble and move partitions?

Yes. Due to the structure of Priwall office partitions, it is possible to move them frequently without any damage.

How long does it take to build and prepare partitions?

Depending on the type, dimensions and size of the partitions, their production and preparation takes about a week to 20 days. As soon as production is done, the packaging is done and sent to the customer's address.

How long does it take to install partitions?

It depends on the size of the space. For example, it takes 3 to 4 hours to install partitions in a three-by-four room.

How can I choose the type of material and material of the required office partition?

By contacting the experts of the office equipment and furniture company, you can enjoy a free consultation in choosing the best office partition.

Is it possible to order a partition with a special logo?

Yes. Upon request, your company logo and emblem will be stamped on the glass partitions.

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