Characteristics of an ideal office desk
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Characteristics of an ideal office desk

In a professional company, every detail of the office furniture must be designed and selected in such a way that it has maximum functionality, while also being beautiful and impressing the customers.

The office desk is one of those types of office furniture that is often underestimated in the selection stage. On the contrary, the main goal of choosing an office desk model should be to make the work environment pleasant because the workplace is the environment where we spend most of our daily life.

Parameters for choosing the ideal office desk:

The general principle that should guide the selection of the ideal office desk is its practicality and comfort. During work, it is better to have all accessories available to employees, because a place with finishing facilities facilitates the organization of work, creates well-being, speeds up work and increases productivity. This access is provided through the additional features of an ideal office desk.
When choosing the ideal office desk for your office, it is better to evaluate the following parameters:

•    Function:

In the sitting position, the best performance of an ideal office desk is when a person can access as many tools as possible and does not move much; This means that the office desk is the right size (not too big and not too small), has an ergonomic design, is the right height, and has enough space to store the necessary items.

•    Size:

Choosing the size of the office desk should be done based on both the available spaces and the operational role of the person working in that position. A workstation for a call center requires less space than a receptionist or secretary, just as an office manager's desk is smaller compared to a designer's desk.

The general principle that should guide the selection of the ideal office desk is its practicality and comfort.

• Aesthetics:

The aesthetic aspect of an environment has a psychological effect on us and affects our mood. A dull and unpleasant atmosphere has a negative effect, which in turn has a negative effect on our productivity. On the contrary, when an environment is carefully designed, we will be more motivated to work.
In addition to employee satisfaction, workplace aesthetics can affect employee well-being. A pleasant interior reduces stress. Especially when natural themes and works of art are used. When employees are forced to work in poorly designed or inefficient offices, it can increase stress levels and decrease productivity. If employees have to work in an office environment with ineffective office equipment and furniture, this can negatively affect their productivity.
Companies have better job opportunities thanks to the work space that respects the aesthetic principles. Companies like Google and Facebook put the needs of their employees first and are leaders in office design and functionality. Companies that provide a more satisfying work environment are likely to retain their employees longer. If employees are happier, they are more likely to work with an organization for years in a row.
But in the case of office furniture and especially the office desk, you should think about how the function of that desk will be. There are offices that welcome people that become meeting places, while others are more closed and will never welcome outsiders. In the first case, it is important that the table contributes to the beauty of the office, as well as to the functionality required for meeting between two or more people. You certainly can't have a meeting with a client on a messy desk with little space.


The office desk can be made with different materials. Wood in different forms, laminate, plastic, glass and metal are the main ones. Each of these materials not only contributes to the resistance of the surface and affects its duration over time, but also affects cleanliness and hygiene. A walnut office desk is certainly more delicate and difficult to clean than a glass or plastic laminate desk. Depending on the type of office decoration, you can choose one of these materials.

Choosing the size of the office desk should be done based on both the available spaces and the operational role of the person working in that position.

• Ability to adjust:

As you know, there are office desks that can be adjusted in height, while the rest of the desks are fixed, but equipped with adjustable legs. Being able to take advantage of adjustable elements is essential because you can adapt the furniture to the needs of the individual.

Function of an office desk:

A desk in the office is characterized by its modular composition: the desk is actually made up of different accessories, just as the top sections are different. Effective organization of spaces is essential to be able to work efficiently and convey a sense of competence and safety to customers. The upper shelves can be used to place computer screens, scanners, printers and other necessary equipment for work. Protecting the desk with an anti-slip shelf allows you to write and work with maximum comfort.

How to make an efficient work desk?

Preferably, focus on a work desk that has as many drawers as possible to accommodate and store all the documents you need for work, as well as personal items.

Features of the management desk:

As you know, a management desk cannot and should not be considered like any other office furniture: the management desk is the core of the entire office, the rest of the office furniture should be chosen accordingly. The management desk should allow the manager to do his work in a comfortable and practical way, and at the same time, it should be made of a material that is durable and long-lasting: for example, the shelves of the office desk are under a lot of pressure every day, and that's why The reason is that it is made of a quality material.
The structure on the office desk should also be in such a way that there are no marks or scratches prevent viewing. It is installed on the wooden tables produced by the company Mehid Ara with various types of melamine, high glass, etc. covers (according to the customer's choice) so that the table is protected from these scratches and surface damage. In addition, when the wood of the office desk has a good origin and is of high quality, its maintenance and maintenance will be reduced over time; It is enough to wipe the surface of the office desk with a cloth to clean the dust. If you prefer a glass table, we suggest you use anti-slip covers.

A pleasant interior reduces stress

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What are the advantages of buying a wooden office desk with melamine coating?

Melamine office desk has many advantages such as high strength, impact resistance, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance, etc.

What is melamine?

Melamine is a coating that consists of wood particles and resin, which with good care does not need to be repaired for a long time and has good resistance.

What are the parameters for choosing the ideal office desk?

Performance, size, aesthetics, materials, adjustability are among the effective parameters in choosing the ideal office desk.

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