selecting furniture that fits your work and living space
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selecting furniture that fits your work and living space

Choosing furniture is one of the most important components of creating a good decoration. This issue is of great importance and sensitivity for having a perfect and excellent space. The furniture that is selected must have a good harmony and fit in interaction with other elements of the environment.

The choice of furniture for the environment is one of the most important factors in creating credibility and attractiveness in the space. Therefore, it is necessary to choose furniture for any environment, whether home or office and commercial space, apart from aesthetic sense and personal taste, a little more specialized and more carefully to choose the type of furniture. In fact, about the furniture that you choose for the desired space, you should have good information in the field of color coordination and awareness of different styles of interior decoration so that the environment and space you have does not seem chaotic and meaningless.

Furniture, because it is usually the center and core for gathering people and individuals in the home or other environments in the community, plays a very important role in the quality of communication between people present in that environment. For example, the type of furniture used for living in the house is more important than other parts of the house and is a kind of focus in a house. For this reason, it is better to choose the material of the furniture from a material that inspires more warmth to the environment.
In the case of office spaces, depending on the type of use of the environment and elements related to interior architecture, the type of furniture is selected. The variety of materials used in the production of furniture is such that it can satisfy different tastes while creating high quality and durability. In the following, we will provide more information about the effect of furniture in designing different interior plans and how to choose the right furniture for them.


Harmony of furniture with interior decoration and architecture

One of the basic principles in the interior design of the space is to create harmony and harmony among the furniture and other elements of the environment. This harmony must be fully and comprehensively observed, which means that all aspects of decoration such as furniture design style, decoration style, color and materials used in other environmental organizations must be selected in perfect harmony with each other.

Interior decoration style is one of the most important issues that should be considered in choosing furniture. Because if the style of decoration used to design the space does not match the style of the furniture, it will create a negative burden and can not create a good and positive feeling in the space. For example, if the style of decoration is modern, choosing traditional furniture is a big mistake that disrupts the harmony of the whole space. In other words, harmony between the elements creates visual appeal and balance, while the contrast between the elements destroys this harmony.
One of the things that should be carefully considered is the type of furniture and materials used in its production. For example, you should pay close attention to the fact that if the equipment in the environment is more than metal, it is better to choose furniture that is in harmony with other items.
Another important issue in this regard is the attention to space architecture. Interior design and the location of windows and front doors sometimes place restrictions on the arrangement of furniture. Therefore, before buying furniture, you should thoroughly examine the layout of office equipment and furniture on paper or in special software.

Proportion of furniture dimensions with the capacity of office space

One of the factors that you should consider before choosing furniture is the amount of space you have. In fact, the capacity of the available space determines the size and dimensions of the furniture that you can provide. Of course, you should also keep in mind that not all the space in the environment can be considered for arranging furniture. Because if a large part of the space is filled with furniture, it creates a kind of accumulation and clutter that is not pleasant in appearance and causes confusion in the mind and reduces the concentration of employees.
On the other hand, in environments that have a large area, the choice of furniture that is small in size and size does not seem logical. Usually, furniture that is produced and offered in large dimensions is used in the office space for the management room and reception of special guests. One of the important parts of office space is the meeting room, in which, in addition to furniture, there should also be space for a meeting table, which usually also has relatively large dimensions.

Another factor in determining the dimensions of furniture is its type of use. For example, the size of the furniture used for use next to the management desk is easier and larger than the size of the furniture intended for employees in a group office. Because employees usually have a forward position and are working on the desk and system, مب therefore, the dimensions of the furniture should be such that it fills the lumbar region and does not create much distance from the desk.


Investigating the role of furniture in improving the commercial and office space

Large offices and office spaces usually have many sections, which are categorized according to the type of activities that are performed in these sections. Plans in the office and commercial space may vary depending on the company's field of work, but typically in office environments part of the space is allocated to the management room. In addition to the management room, part of the space is provided for the deputy room, group office, meeting room and reception area and secretary.
Each of these spaces must have a different decoration design and architecture due to differences in their use. For example, the management room and the meeting room, because it is usually a meeting place for important people, are considered as a kind of company identity card and try to use the management desk and luxurious and comfortable furniture in this space as much as possible.
In the reception area and next to the secretary's desk, because the clients of the office environment may wait for a while, it is necessary to consider furniture suitable for the space for the clients to sit. Naturally, the type of furniture in the living room is different from the furniture in the management room, and it tries to be more simple and smaller while being stylish.

Another important part of the office environment is where employees work as a team in a space. In this space, in addition to furniture, there are other equipments that to increase productivity and optimal use of the available space, it is better to be selected more carefully and delicately. Equipment such as filing, printer desk and library should be selected in such a way that it is in harmony with the type of furniture and other accessories and equipment of the environment, have appropriate dimensions so as not to disrupt the movement and movement of employees. For this reason, usually for such spaces, furniture is used that, in addition to comfort and beauty, does not take up much space.


The effect of choosing the right office furniture on ergonomics

Furniture is one of the elements that are considered as the main components of decoration in the office and office environment. That is why the right choice of furniture can have a significant impact on ergonomics and play a positive role in increasing work efficiency. In simple terms, we can say that ergonomics can be said to be the attention paid to scientific principles to improve the physical physique and morale of people working in a work environment is called ergonomics.

Due to the increase in profitability and productivity due to ergonomic principles, experienced managers in order to increase the level of performance and efficiency of employees, by considering accurate scientific information, try to reduce the amount of physical and mental stress and discomfort in the workplace. Possibility to reduce. Furniture is one of the main elements that deal with the physicality and physical fatigue of people. In fact, choosing standard and environmentally friendly furniture can be useful to create a sense of calm and reduce early fatigue in employees.

At present, the production of furniture in reputable productions is examined in a completely accurate and scientific manner. In fact, manufacturers have provided the basis for providing the best office environment by considering various standards and criteria. The variety and quality of products that are marketed has enabled managers and interior designers to create the best ergonomic work environment with high freedom of action.
The tremendous variety in the design, color and material of the furniture has provided the necessary coordination to have proper ergonomics. For example, for various work environments, different types of chairs and furniture with handles and without handles with different models have been designed, which according to the type of employee activity, the most suitable type of furniture can be selected for the environment.

How effective are the dimensions of the environment in choosing furniture for the space?

One of the important factors in choosing furniture for the space is to consider the area and dimensions of the space for placing the furniture so that accesses are easy and there is enough space for movement, it is very important to consider this point in case of danger.

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