How to have an office with an industrial style?
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How to have an office with an industrial style?

If you want to give your office a smart, but quirky look, or if you want to have a functional, minimal and pleasant office, the industrial office style is right for you. In this article, we'll explore how to choose chairs, tables, and other office furniture components, as well as choose the right materials to apply a true industrial look to your office.

Industrial office style is one of the popular styles that has emerged in recent years and has its own fans. Choosing an office style that suits your taste and needs at work will save you time and design your office decoration in the easiest way.

Features of industrial office furniture:

Industrial-style architecture is the result of a modernist movement that, inspired by factories, sheds and workshops where there are production lines, creates a space reminiscent of these environments. The industrial style was born in the 1950s in New York with the aim of reclaiming unused areas, such as old factories and industrial warehouses, to transform them into living spaces, such as warehouses or open spaces. This style has a simple design and a special charm where different styles converge. The office with an industrial style is actually a place where raw elements are combined with attractive and creative ideas and has a cold yet minimal decoration. Building elements such as brick, unpolished wood and concrete are used raw in this style. Choosing industrial style office furniture is not an easy task. It is essential to choose the right accessories for office furniture, both to avoid monotony and to avoid creating cold environments and not to spoil its originality. In the rest of the article, we will examine this style of office furniture.

Wood is one of the dominant materials of industrial office style.

How to make an office in an industrial style?

Industrial style fits perfectly with large spaces; Therefore, it is necessary to create an open space office where you can set up different workstations. If you need to create rooms with more privacy, avoid masonry or plaster solutions and choose a glass and metal office partition. Office furniture accessories made of raw metal, leather chairs, wooden tables with a simple appearance and large lamps for lighting are the key principles of this style.

Industrial office style is one of the popular styles that has emerged in recent years and has its own fans.


It is better to choose materials and materials in raw but warm industrial office style, strong but balanced office furniture and play with contrasting colors. The most materials used in office industrial style are wood and metal; Be careful that these ingredients must be used raw. The materials considered for industrial style office furniture are: metal, wood, glass, leather and leather.


In the industrial office style, we see the main use of metal in the support structures of the table and work table top. You can use anthracite, sand or dove gray colors to make the environment more traditional and use lacquered metal in white or black to create simple contrasts.


 One of the dominant materials is industrial office style. Wooden furniture accessories help your office to have a look of strong simplicity. Besides, you can bring more warmth and intimacy to your office by using wood. This lovely substance preserves the relationship between man and the environment and always reminds people of the good feeling of nature.


Glass is another classic material of industrial design. It will be great if glass is used to divide spaces in a simple and practical way, through partition walls.

Leather and skin:

Leather and skin are the preferred materials for covering work chairs and reception sofas.

In the industrial office style, we see the main use of metal in the support structures of the table and work table top.

Colors in industrial office style:

Industrial office style welcomes excess. Shades of gray, reminiscent of concrete and plaster, or appropriately graduated brown and black, are a good base to start with. For contrast, combine black and light wood or white and dark brown. A light color like using orange or purple in the waiting chairs will help you not to darken the room too much.

Industrial table:

To choose a desk, go for a modern design with essential lines. Suitable color ranges for office furniture in an industrial office style are: white, black, anthracite, sand or dove gray. Steel tables are a good choice for an authentic management table. For executive tables, you can use aluminum, wooden or glass materials. You can paint the base of these tables in industrial colors to make them look more special. To create a color contrast in the office, you can make the base of each table the same color.
Another option for choosing a desk in an industrial office style is to use desks with a minimal design and metal and wooden desks. Colored lines in the range of blue, orange and yellow colors can add boldness and modernity to the office; In this way, the mold is broken and a good light and normal contrast is created.

Conference room:

The chairs can also be chosen in an industrial style. The only caution is that the chairs of employees and colleagues who sit at the desk for hours should be comfortable and ergonomic. Today, ergonomic chairs have many fans and you will easily find padded, functional, adjustable and modern chairs. Ergonomic chairs can also be combined with steel-framed fan seats that fit perfectly into an industrial-looking environment.

Industrial style fits perfectly with large spaces

Wall units with industrial appearance:

To complete your industrial office, there are wardrobes with sliding shutters, drawers and, above all, equipped walls. They are composed of modular elements such as drawers, shelves and doors that can be freely combined with each other, allowing you to furnish and divide work spaces in complete freedom. When the colors of Web, icy or smoky gray combined with each other have a clear hint of industrial office style.

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