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The family of Mohitara products includes products that share each other either in terms of appearance or in terms of technical and material characteristics. The Venica family of products is no exception and includes items of office furniture that have wheels that make them easier to move.

Wheeled office chairs may be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of wheeled office furniture, but this family is not the only one; Wheeled archives, desks and trolleys are also included in this family.

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The presence of wheeled archive files in the office is very useful and makes it possible to move people, there is no need to move tools, personal equipment and archives from one person to another and the archive file of each person with that person during move in a short time.

Some of the shorter circular archive files, which are usually placed under a desk, have a mattress, which is a mobile puff for employees who have clients or need to stay with a colleague for a long time. It can be very useful.

The design and production of the cycles in the Venika product category is done by Mohit Ara Company and is of the silent type. The quality and elegance used in the molding and production of these cycles, as well as other consumable fittings in the company's products, results in quality and durable products. With this feature, there is no need to worry about damage, damage and breakage of parts; By using the lifetime after-sales service of this company on all products, even after several years, you can have the product like the first day.