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The Unica product family is known for its diagonal profile bases and the special die-cast metal parts used in it. The main structure of all Unica products consists of metal profiles with polyurethane coating paint and die-cast metal parts with chrome plating, which is exclusively produced by Mohit Ara Company (the right to any copying of these parts is taken away from others) and for this family of products. Designed and molded.


The static and durability of these products is very high and the use of chrome plated parts has given a special and unique effect to this category of products. The long and narrow bases of the Unika family made of profiles have created a modern and special look, and despite the die-cast parts with chrome coating, the beauty of these products has been doubled, and finally, special office furniture has been created.

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The precision and elegance in the design of die-cast parts has made it not have the same final product. The design to production stages of these parts from zero to one hundred have been done by Mohit Ara Company and there are no internal or external similarities for them.


Exclusive production of special-purpose and exclusive parts of the Unica family by Mohit Ara has caused these parts to be used in different positions and in products with different uses. As a result, there is a product in the Unica family suitable for any space and in various use categories.

The Unica product family provides a pleasurable and different experience with the special features they provide to the user.

Especially in the category of group work desks, with the possibility of installing ducts, holder case hangers and other accessories that are produced in the same company, it is possible to create equipped and also diverse group sites in terms of color and tailored to the customer's taste.
In Unica products, it is possible to choose the color of the base frames as well as the wood in all parts, so you can benefit from the color variety of Unica products in accordance with the environment and other items in your office.

The Unica family of products provides you with a wide range of office products to choose from, so that you can equip your work environment with this series of products in an integrated manner, according to each need and space. In addition to the management set, this family has a vice desk, a bachelor's degree and a staff desk, as well as large meeting tables or small meeting tables. With the TV table and furniture front in this product family, you can also choose this type of accessories next to your desks and have a beautiful and well-equipped office from the Unica family of products.

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Unica family products, despite their modern and unique appearance, are reasonably priced; And in relation to the characteristics and quality of materials and fittings used in this type of products are considered almost economical.
Each product of the Unica family has its own metal structure; This metal frame has resulted in strong and very durable products. If you are looking for products with high durability, stylish and modern appearance and variety of colors to equip your office or office, the Unica family of products can be one of your choices.

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