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Having furniture that is beautiful and durable, and different from the usual products on the market, will change the decoration of the workplace. Titany product family with special and exclusive bases of environmental media with a combination of wood and metal, has all the characteristics of a modern furniture and while being functional and optimal use of space, will make the work environment very beautiful.

The bases of Titany products with very strong metal frame and chrome plating on this frame and the combination of wooden plates have given a unique effect to these products. Titany product family with a variety of applications is enough to equip a large office.

It is possible to add custom accessories to all Titanic products. If necessary, the electric box, hanging holder case, stationery holder and other office accessories can be installed on desks and conferences.

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Titaniy desks and conferences, with a combination of wood and metal, cover all possible needs for different applications in the workplace; These desks range from a simple staff desk to large management desks with an attached conference.

Titany family products fit most spaces and decorations and can be produced in a variety of MDF colors to suit your taste. Due to the combination of wood and metal in the titanium bases, the final tables of these products have a modern, different and at the same time formal appearance. Given the formal structure and appearance of this product family, it can be a good suggestion for collections that have more expert space with different sections and rooms.