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Upon entering the lobby and reception area of ​​each collection, the first element of furniture that can be seen is the reception desk or the entrance counter of that collection. Depending on the needs of the set of input counters and what factors are important for the organization in choosing the counter and reception desk, it affects the final product and its appearance.

The products of the Spiral family now include units of curved countertops that are either used independently or together to form a complete counter. By placing the spiral reception desk units together, long spiral forms or a circular reception desk in the middle of the hall can be created.

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The products of the Spiral family, due to their modularity and variety of forms, make it possible to provide different layouts in a small number of units, and to arrange the tables according to the needs and the space of the reception desk. Also, in case of relocation and change of environment due to the independence of each unit, it will be possible to increase or decrease or change the type of their arrangement will create a different appearance.

The family of spiral products has a modern and minimal appearance and fits in any environment and along with various decorations. These practical products, due to their simple and minimal appearance, are used in a variety of office, commercial, hotel and restaurant environments, as well as in hospitals and medical centers.

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