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Sophia's product family includes a complete collection of hotel products and furniture that have a modern and luxurious look. In most products of this family, the use of steel material along with leather or stone has given a luxurious and special look to this furniture.
Due to the gloss of steel, it may seem that this material is used only in luxury decorations. But you should know that this material, with its features, can be set next to all kinds of furniture and decorations, you just have to be careful in choosing the colors and materials that will be placed next to it.
Sophia furniture is used not only in hotels, but also in office and commercial centers or homes. Sophia furniture front desk, in addition to being beautiful next to your family furniture, can also be set next to all kinds of wooden or all-fabric furniture.

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In this style of furniture, by changing the color of steel and the color of the stones on the table, the style of the furniture can be changed. For example, by choosing golden steel, and white stone surface, the final product brings luxury and classic to a modern style, and choosing silver steel color and stone surface, makes the decoration more luxurious.

Sophia product family, despite the steel metal structure, are durable and durable products that have a long life and is the best choice for people who are looking for a suitable product for all times at a one-time cost so that they do not get bored and become so-called out of fashion. Sophia furniture with a luxurious and modern look can beautify your environment for many years and maintain the quality and appearance of the first day.