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In today's glamorous lives and the variety of goods on the market, it is impossible to produce products that suit everyone's tastes and are liked by everyone in society. But Mohitara, as a manufacturer of office, home and hotel furniture, is trying to produce a variety of products for most tastes.

The family of reality products includes products in the field of office and hotel that have a semi-classic appearance, and the appearance of these products has followed the classic style, considering the materials used in these products and their design, in addition to maintaining modernity.

The products of the Royality family are mostly made of a combination of wood and leather, and despite the leather embroidery touches, the products of this family have a different appearance from other families of environmental products.

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The hotel's family of hotel and restaurant products includes all-leather bedding and natural-coated MDF wall cabinets. This feature of reality products makes the codes of this product family look similar to the old classic all-wood products, while due to the use of MDF material as the main body, they will have a lower cost than natural wood.

Also, the use of decorative mirrors on the doors of cupboards or wall sconces has a space different from what you have ever experienced, in any environment where they are used, the decoration style of that environment leads to neo-classic.

The royal product family with a semi-modern and semi-classic look is a good choice for people who like the simplicity and minimalism of modern products, and at the same time love the details and the sense of freshness and freshness of natural woods in classic products.