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Office furniture inherently has a great variety in design, color and use. This diversity has led to the office furniture industry becoming a custom industry. Customization production in addition to mass production, in addition to increasing overhead costs, also increases delivery time. The mass production method of these products makes a significant difference between the cost price of the final product compared to custom products.
The products of this collection are in fact the constituent elements of office desks that are prefabricated and produced in two colors, light and dark. These products include a variety of table bases, table tops, panels, etc. that are packaged independently. The constituent elements of these products, with their unique design, form beautiful and modern products. The bases are produced in two forms of all wood and a combination of wood and metal frames. Wooden bases, despite the 20 mm steel strip used in it, have a special and different effect than other wooden tables. The presence of two adjustment bases under the wooden bases makes it easier to align the table on different surfaces. These bases are designed in two sizes with a length of 650 mm and 500 mm. The 650 mm base can be installed on all types of tables in this set and the 500 mm base is used in the additional table and next to the L-shaped tables.

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The modular design of this set makes it possible to use a base pair in a variety of tables and change the uses of a table by adding or subtracting parts. The bases, with the built-in rollers on the body, allow the file to be installed on both sides.
Wood and metal frame bases also have all the features of wooden bases, with the difference that in their design, iron profiles with 25x25 mm cross section with chrome coating are used as the main frame of the base, which has created a beautiful and elegant appearance and inside this frame. There is also a piece of MDF. The use of this type of base in tables creates a stylish and modern look, and due to the empty spaces in the base, it reduces the crowds of the environment and takes up less space, and at the same time, it is very strong and durable.

It is possible to install the attached file on all tables and these files are available with two lengths of 370 and 496 mm and from one to three drawers. These files are designed in such a way that by opening the side page of the file and installing it in the opposite direction, it is possible to install it on both sides of the table. As a result, by having only one file and choosing to install it on a simple employee desk, the desk orientation can be changed at different intervals.
The first drawer of all attached files has a lock and key and is suitable for storing personal items. The drawers of these files move very smoothly with the resting rails and close slowly, which prevents the drawer door from suddenly colliding with the body of the file and prevents the drawer from closing on the user's hand. The main frame of the attached files is also special and is uniquely designed and produced to create these files. These metal frames have high strength and in its design, the necessary connections have been considered to install it on the base and the table top.

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The variety of these elements is very low due to their design and they are machined in a way that can be installed in various products such as operator desk, expert desk and management desk with conference. As a result, despite this feature, products have the ability to assemble, disassemble and convert to each other and change use.
Each element has its own packaging, which facilitates the transportation of parts and prevents possible damage due to transportation.
This product group is specially designed and produced for office furniture stores. These stores can pre-prepare pre-made parts, regardless of what kind of table the customer will request when ordering, and with the least amount of investment, the most variety in the product with the use required by the customer in Create order time.
By placing and installing the pieces together, they can create everything from a simple office desk to a large management desk with a conference and file desk.

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