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Many businesses and institutions in terms of privacy as well as security and protection need to separate the space of clients and employees. In these cases, counters are the best option to create privacy and define the space of staff and clients.

Polyside family products include reception counters or bank counters that have a specific use. These counters are usually used at the entrance of the building, as a guard or reception counter. These products can also be used specifically in banks, financial institutions, exchange offices and airline offices or any other place that requires a private visit at the counter or box office.

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Counters are generally divided into two categories, sitting and standing, depending on the type of need and where they are used. In this type of classification, the status of clients is defined in relation to the type of counter. The longer the client's communication with the staff, the better it is to use sitting tables. In cases where the clients' work requires a short period of time, for example, hospital information counters or ticket counters and similar cases, standing counters are used.

The choice of counter and its type depends directly on its location and the purpose for which you place the counter in that location. If you need more security and protection of your environment and workplace, you can get help from tall counters with glass and counter valves. Also, if needed, it is possible to produce a counter that is customized and tailored to your needs and area.