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Today, with the expansion of administrative, commercial affairs and the development of companies and startups, the need for a variety of office furniture to equip the offices of these offices and complexes has increased.

Archiving and keeping documents is an integral part of administrative and commercial affairs. Keeping these documents requires the right tools and furniture. Libraries, cupboards and filing boards are useful in these situations to sort and create order in the environment. The family of multi-case office furniture products is a collection of such products that are very useful in archiving, classifying and maintaining supplies and documents.

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The multi-case product family includes a variety of shelves, bookshelves and filing cabinets with simple forms and minimal appearance. In the appearance of these products and their design, no special decorative and visual elements have been used. The minimal appearance of these products has made them set together with all kinds of furniture.

Most multi-case bookshelves and lockers have wooden doors with locks, and multi-case filings have a central lock on all drawers. This feature has doubled the security and usability of these products.

Some wardrobes with special uses, such as wardrobes with hooks or regular wardrobes are also in the same family. By identifying the needs of the collection and equipping your work space with a variety of office furniture with the help of multi-case products, have a complete and perfect office.

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