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Currently, this product family has a product only in the field of office furniture. The Legano product family includes a complete management set. This set includes a dignified and stylish management desk that is produced in various dimensions. You can choose the appropriate dimensions of the Legano desk according to your needs and office space, and also decorate the office space or the management room or the deputy of your collection with short or long Legano skirts.


The Legano management set, in addition to the management desk and chairs, includes a conference table as well as a furniture front desk, these products can be useful for entertaining or meeting the guests of your collection.

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As you know, the whole family of environmental products is in the same family, either in terms of application or in terms of common features. The products of the Legano family are also in the same family due to the common appearance features and visual elements that are commonly considered in their design. All products of the Legano family have a combination of two colors in their structure; One of these colors is usually neutral color and colored parts suitable for the organizational color or customer taste can be selected from a variety of MDF colors.


Usually, the colored parts of Legano family products are visible in the form of fluid and L-shaped strips in the appearance of the product. This extension of colors causes the eye to subconsciously follow the colors and any reference or viewer who enters your office for the first time by following the colors carefully examines the image and awesomeness of your furniture.

This product family, in addition to having a complete management set that meets all the needs of a management room, also has a family reception desk. This reception desk can also be used as a secretary desk or entrance counter. The fact that all the products and furniture in a space are compatible with each other, in addition to the order that it gives to the environment, also shows the taste and strategy of the collection management. In addition to monitoring the process of affairs in the collection, you should also think about the decoration, order and feeling, while your office transmits to your contacts, clients and guests in the first place, is a sign of your prudence. This is an important point, how much do you care about the impact of your furniture and the layout of your work environment?

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