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The Hinst product family has been introduced in the field of home furniture environment. These products with all-wood appearance, have a structure made of MDF or metal, which have a different and semi-classic appearance with thermo wood veneer.

Hinest home products use thermo wood to bring home the texture, color and aroma of natural wood. With this feature, the feeling of intimacy and naturalness of wood is felt at home. These products, with the help of special design and the type of materials used in production, have created a combination of tradition and modernity, which, however, will harmonize with a variety of home decorations.

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Hinest furniture includes a variety of home furniture, from bedding and wardrobes to reception furniture and sideboards and showcases. Appliances are typically made of either cellulose sheets such as MDF or chipboard or all made of natural wood. But in the family of Hinest products, with the help of both of these materials, creative and distinctive products have been designed from the furniture available in the market. Also, thermo wood material is usually used in the facade of buildings or outdoors, using this material in the production of home furniture, an innovative and creative move has been made.

Hinest's products, despite their strong metal structures, are very durable and high quality, and are not comparable to similar application products on the market. The combination of white MDF with natural thermo wood has created modern products that can be used in addition to a classic decoration.

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