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The importance of beauty and the use of color and light in the environment is not hidden from anyone. It does not matter if it is an office environment, whether it is a business or even a home, the knowledge of using colors and using them correctly can turn a dry and soulless environment into a happy and lively space where creativity and dynamism are current.

Excel family products in the office category include a single product. In this product, which is a group work desk, by installing fabric pads, in addition to sound control for each unit, according to the psychology of colors and their function, different colors were used for different parts, and in addition to dividing spaces visually with this method. , Added to the harmony and beauty of the environment.

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A common feature of Excel products is the separation of different units and ultimately the creation of an integrated product, such as workgroup desks in the office category or kitchen cabinets in the home category. Excel family products try to make the most of the least space.

In an office environment with a large population and a large number of employees, one of the best options for office furniture is of great importance for the division of different departments and the placement of a large number of staff together who have a common task. Excel workgroup desk, in addition to being suitable for this type of work environment, in cafes, audio-visual centers of schools and training centers, and the public relations department of organizations and call centers, where privacy is required for each person and also requires everyone to focus. Be busy with your work, it is very practical.

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