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The use of panel materials such as chipboard and MDF is very common and today we see the use of this type of material in most home appliances and office furniture available in the market. Most of these products have a similar shape and appearance to each other and their main appearance is composed of several cubic shapes together and may differ only in color and fittings.
The family of Eiffel products is a creative and for the first time, a combination of thermo wood (processed natural wood) and metal and glass that the combination of these materials with each other and the type of design of these products distinguish this family from other existing products in Is the market. Thermo wood, by processing on natural wood, is resistant to moisture and insect infiltration; As a result, in addition to having the natural properties of wood such as natural fragrance, its texture and color, it is much lighter and more durable than ordinary natural wood. Using this material in the field of furniture is a novel and creative move that was first introduced by Mohitara Company. It was unveiled at the 6th International Office Furniture Exhibition in 2017.

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This set of products has common appearance features that have led to the creation of a product family called the Eiffel.
What is common to most Eiffel products and is evident in most products in this family of products are short or long bases (depending on the design or use of the product) that are installed diagonally under the products. The main pillar of these bases is cut from laser metal, which has a chrome plating coating, and both sides of this sheet metal are covered with thermo wood, in accordance with the form of the base. The adjustment base under the base also helps to adjust the manufactured products to level on slightly sloping surfaces. The supports and metal parts used in these products are all designed and made specifically for this product family, and the chrome plating on metal parts in combination with natural wood has given these products a beautiful and different effect.

Despite the structure made of MDF and metal and thermo wood coating, these products are extremely strong and durable, and due to the use of natural wood in these products, they have a more beautiful and attractive appearance than conventional products.
Due to the type of materials used in this product family and the type of their design, the products of this family have a modern look and at the same time can be coordinated with classic decoration. The natural color of the wood along with the white color of the bodies has created a modern and stylish combination that can be easily set along with other items in the work and office environment.

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Existence of long and long bases, which are the common feature of all office desks of this product family, has given them a different and modern look. The main skeleton of the bases, despite the chrome plating, has created a unique effect that can not be experienced with any of the products on the market except with this family of products.
An office equipped with Eiffel products, in addition to conveying the natural feeling of wood and its pleasant aroma, along with the cold and shiny metal material, will help to modify the environment, its beauty and charm, and represents a manager with taste and knowledge. In addition to advancing economic goals and administrative and work affairs, he also pays attention to the mental health of himself and other colleagues and employees of his group.

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