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For interior design and decoration of any environment, it is better to first decide what style you are considering. Choosing a specific style will help you to follow the original style both in choosing colors and in choosing furniture, and finally you will have an integrated and harmonious decor with a harmonious color harmony.


In the design of the Classical product family, as its name implies, an attempt has been made to be inspired by the classic style and to produce furniture with MDF panels and a similar appearance to the classic products. These products are not similar to the classic furniture made of natural wood, but this point has helped to reduce production costs and raw materials, and stylish and appropriate furniture has been produced at reasonable costs.

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The Classical product family in the office furniture category includes several handful of products that together create a complete management set. This management set includes a management desk, a showcase and a management library in two types, short and long, as well as a conference table and a furniture front.


Classical management set, despite its formal appearance, has been designed and produced with special elegance and details. The combination of MDF wood and thin strips of steel and smoked glass, which is placed on the tables of this family, is a common feature of all classic products.

This management set can satisfy most hard-working managers and is a good choice for the management offices and vice president of a collection or your personal work room. The Classical management desk is designed in two rectangular shapes or with an L-shaped file. This desk with multiple drawers and cupboards included in its files eliminates the need for almost any manager to purchase additional files or cupboards to store additional accessories.

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