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"Brody" is the name chosen for the family of products of the children and adolescents group of Mohitara. This product family includes products with a robotic appearance. Currently, the Brody product family includes a computer desk that, in addition to children and teens who can use this product as a desk, is also a standard computer desk for adults that can be used in person or in your home office. You can use it.

This desk is produced in six different and beautiful colors and can be selected to suit all kinds of decorations in your child's room or office. This computer desk occupies a small space, has significant features that allow the use of accessories such as scanners or printers in the same small space. This product also facilitates the use of these devices, despite the keyboard and tablet stand.

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Brody computer desk and desk are disassembled and come with an installation manual in a package. Assembling this product with the help of the manual as well as the installation instruction video that is inside the gift flash is an easy task and is very attractive for children and teenagers. Also, trying to put the pieces of the table together and assembling it properly will strengthen the creativity of children and adolescents and will lead to more fun and spending time with the family.

According to the design of this product family in the category of children and adolescents and to communicate more with this age group, a cartoon character with the same name has also been designed, whose image you will see on the gift arrow inside the packaging of Brody desk.