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In all products of Berliant family, a special kind of curved shape with PVC coating has been used, which is exclusively produced by Mohit-e-Ara company, and also the right of any copying of this product has been deprived of others. Brilliant family products have a unique appearance and have soft and fluid forms. In the production of Brilliant family products, two colors, white and black, have been used as the main color, which has created a unique color variety by combining different colors of this company, and can be selected according to the customer's taste or organizational identity. Due to the special design used in Brilliant products, the production of this product family has been done in the best possible way in terms of ergonomics and HSE standards, which specifically deals with the issue of occupational safety and health, because of the sharp edges. Has been removed and replaced by a curved form.

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Removing sharp edges in diamond products and replacing them with curved parts, in addition to reducing injuries caused by accidental collisions of employees with the edges of desks and office furniture, has created an intimate and special form. This form creates a pleasant feeling and atmosphere for both the employee and the clients. In an environment where all the products are selected from the Brilliant family, you will experience a modern, new and different atmosphere from the usual similar products with the same uses. The presence of white or black bodies used in the products of this family, has caused the simplicity and fit of these products with various decorations. The use of these two neutral colors allows you to use the organizational color or your favorite color for the wooden parts of the products, in accordance with the decor of the office and office, while the color volume is not seen and the harmony of decoration or organizational identity The company is maintained.

One of the basic and important factors in choosing office furniture and buying such products is to pay attention to the quality and durability of raw materials and fittings in the furniture. The materials and fittings used in Brilliant products are of the highest quality and the products of this product family have a two-year warranty from Mohit Ara Company. The use of the latest technologies in the world and the best machines in Mohit Ara factory has caused the best production method for Berliant family products to be selected and the final product to have a perfect appearance and compete with the top international brands. The result of direct supervision of the quality control department and observance of international standards and ergonomic principles in the design of these products, is unique and special furniture that will not have any side effects for the user in long-term use. Creativity and innovation in designing the form of Brilliant products has led to the creation of stylish, modern and different furniture from the products on the market. Also, due to the simple and geometric forms used in the design of these products, they do not become old and repetitive over time. The possibility of combining white and black colors of the main body of Brilliant furniture with sharp and uniform colors or the texture of dark and light woods, has made the use of this office furniture possible for different types of offices with different styles.

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The Brilliant product family includes a wide range of office furniture products that meet any need in an office or office. This product family has a variety of rectangular, L-shaped and U-shaped management or vice-desks to which it is possible to connect a connected conference table. With this variety of products in the form and dimensions of brilliant products, you can choose the appropriate furniture for your work space according to the needs and dimensions of your environment and according to your personal taste. In addition to management room furniture sets, this product family also has expert desks, staff desks or furniture suitable for group work space. Meeting room equipment, audio-visual desks, and other complementary items are also included. By choosing the Brilliant product family, you can equip all the spaces in your office or organization as an integrated set. In this family of products, even waiting furniture, decorative items such as flower boxes or reception tables, archive files, and library and closet are considered. Brilliant products are the choice of managers who, in addition to using the product, think about the beauty of the office and the health of their employees.

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