Most people interact with the office environment during the day, either as an employee or as a client, for a variety of reasons. In this regard, what at first glance is visually visible from an office and organization is the furniture used in the environment and the arrangement of furniture elements and decorative accessories in the environment. Order, beauty and tranquility prevail in a random environment, but the result is the right choice of furniture elements according to the needs and capacity of the space and the application of sufficient expertise and knowledge about the standard workspace, how to access and the correct arrangement.

The design team of Mohit Ara Company with 25 years of experience of this organization in the field of office furniture, partitions and peripheral office equipment is ready to give a complete description of the needs of its collection, type of activity, how to communicate with different units, according to the information received from the customer. Their budget and taste, introduce the best available options and provide the basic layout and initial proposal to the esteemed customers for free. This process will be done after the technical impression of the customer environment and the preparation of As built drawings.

The highest speed, the highest quality

The initial design and proposal of office furniture in accordance with the environment and customer needs, by our experts will take less than a day and will be sent to them. If you want to buy and continue the cooperation, the necessary changes on the original design in the form of editing until the final approval by the customer, continue. Design and arrangement of office furniture elements in the environment is done according to the existing standards related to the work environment, cases of crisis, emergency access and communication methods of different units in the organization. Applying design knowledge and principles in layout and even choosing colors and harmony of the environment, in addition to the beauty and orderliness of the space, will directly affect the performance and mood of people.


Speed in design with the help of Total environment

The initial design is done by our experts with the help of Total Integrated Management System, which is a native ERP, in the form of two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings and will be sent to the client in a PDF file with the images of the proposed products. Due to the use of this system for design as well as subsequent order registration processes, speed and accuracy in design and production have increased and human error in drawing drawings and production of products has been minimized. The use of this system, in addition to accelerating matters, has reduced overhead costs, which will directly affect the cost of products.

Ability to view 3D images of the environment

It should be noted that designing the environment in three dimensions and viewing the final image of the environment in rendered form after customer approval on the initial map, is possible, and this process varies from one day to one week depending on the size of the project. If you need special products that are not available in the catalog and products of Mohit Ara, it is possible to design a new product or customize existing products according to customer needs.

Image 2

Pre-design environment image

Image 1

Environment image after design (custom reception counter)

Finally, we must point out that you are the ultimate decision maker and furniture selector. Your expectations and needs are prioritized over the furniture you are considering and your taste in all stages of design. It is important to have furniture that you like in appearance. The voting environment guarantees the quality and durability of the products. Also, all environmental products for life include after-sales service for a fee. These services include disassembly and assembly of all office furniture items and office partitions, as well as transportation, installation or repair and replacement of parts that have been damaged due to breakage or improper use.

Image 3