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Office furniture

The diverse solutions of MOHITARA office furniture, which consists of +20 product families and +538 unique products, by considering different aspects of space design, are provided to meet all your business needs. These integrated office solutions include a wide range of products such as space partitioning, office desks(managerial, expert, executive & conference desks), office sofas and chairs, office filing cabinets, credenzas, libraries etc. to meet the varied needs of your business. During the process, A MOHITARA Design expert will visit your office to discuss your project vision, take photos of the room(s) you're looking to update and take measurements and then, the placement of office furniture would be articulated by using an exclusive software.

Office furniture consultancy services

The term office furniture consists of a wide range of products related to office spaces and work stations, including office partitioning, office seating, office desks and filing facilities which are designed and manufactured in different styles by using different materials within the diverse price ranges. Today, there’s an infinite number of products and options in office furniture market, consequently their selection has become a complicated and overwhelming process for you as a business owner. Without sufficient knowledge and expertise, by wasting high amount of time and money, you may face some difficulties in choosing the right option to meet your defined needs. As the largest manufacturer of office solutions in Iran, we provide a complete range of office furniture consultancy services to support our customers for their specific office needs. Also, our team is ready to collaborate with international partners for their Office furniture design and manufacturing projects.

Office furniture design; Modern office furniture / Classic office furniture

Work and office spaces are used as people's second home and a significant part of people's time is spent daily in office spaces. Therefore, it is important to design the set of office furniture elements that facilitate the favorable conditions for work processes. Our office solutions, has been designed based on values rooted in functional, ergonomic, aesthetical, semiotical, technical, constructive, economic and environmental considerations to meet a wide-range needs of your business. Also, according to factors such as work processes, human factors engineering, space economy and work productivity, our company offers a range of solutions for the arrangement and lay-outing of office furniture elements based on the specific needs of your business. This family of products is offered to our customers in modern and classic Design styles. Also, if you are concerned about the high-quality and reasonable price of office furniture at the same time, providing the most optimal ratio of quality to price is other main feature of MOHITARA’s solutions. The price of the office furniture varies depending on the type of Design, the product dimensions, the materials used and the specific components and parts of each product, and it includes different price varieties based on the specific needs of each business.

As the best office furniture brand

In-depth attention to details is another attribute of the office furniture Designs of MOHITARA Company. In this regard, a significant number of exclusive parts have been designed and produced by the advanced technologies of this company. The quality-oriented production of MOHITARA, which is powered by Italian technology on the basis of the integrated Design and production system of the company, named MOHIT-TOTAL, allows you to place an order, review your Design and receive your prefabricated office furniture parts in the fastest possible time.