Educational and public spaces

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Educational and public spaces

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Today, despite their many worries and preoccupations, human beings prefer to be present in environments that provide them with comfort and well-being. Public, urban and educational environments are no exception. The importance of designing and producing furniture that is beautiful and feels good along with meeting the user's needs, is doubly important in these places where the user spends a lot of time during the day.

The design and execution of some items of public and urban furniture should be done in accordance with the space and using the principles of ergonomics and anthropometry, because compared to other furniture and items, they are used the most and in direct contact with different people, with different characteristics.

Furniture that is placed in the public spaces of commercial complexes, hospitals and educational spaces are all in this category of products and attention to their use along with the importance of durability and endurance of these products against factors such as vandalism are noteworthy.

In addition to all its experiences in the field of design and production of office equipment and furniture in a specialized way, as well as activities in the field of hotel, hospital and home, to complete and equip such public spaces, Mohitara has used the expertise and experience of its design and production team. It has also offered products in this field. We have also had the honor of collaborating with several schools and universities and taking a small step towards designing and equipping educational spaces with unique features.