One of the ways to make the most of the space in an environment is to use light separators, which are commonly known as office partitions in the field of office furniture. Office partitions are produced and installed in single-wall, double-wall or frameless types. It is possible to produce single-walled and double-walled partitions with a variety of materials, but frameless partitions are only offered in glass. Double-walled partitions are usually a better option for separating spaces that need sound insulation. It is also possible to install blinds in glass partitions. You can also insert the logo on the partition blocks if you wish.

Optimal use of space with partitioning

Today, with the new facilities of interior architecture and its development, we can make better use of the space we want at home, workplace or offices and hospitals. For example, the optimal use of space will be possible with the help of partitioning and division of spaces. In addition to being functional, partitions give a new and beautiful shape and image to the interior design of the building by creating variety in the existing space. Of course, it should be noted that like any other specialty, having knowledge and mastery of interior design principles and standards for the design of spaces, how to access and prevent overlapping tasks of each department with another, is of particular importance. Our colleagues in the environment design department, taking into account all your needs and definitions of different parts of the organization and your collection, according to the area and space plan map and the appropriate partition you need in the existing space and the necessary parts for the organization You will be defined in the new plan. If you need to change all the steps of editing the designs will be done with the approval of the customer. If you are interested in learning more about how to use it in the interior design of the space, and how it works to make the best use of space, stay tuned for the rest of this article.

Partition definition

Lightweight partitions or partitions are portable walls that are often used to separate and create multiple rooms in a large space. Typically, these walls are designed and installed modularly and to fit any space. As you know, today with the expansion and development of organizations and the lack of building space, the use of partitions to divide existing spaces for optimal use in interior design has increased. Partitions with different designs and features are each used for a specific purpose and tailored to the budget and needs of each organization or collection.

This device creates a lot of space for different uses by separating the desired location. Partition has gained a lot of fans due to its many advantages. In most commercial, office and sometimes residential buildings from ancient times to the present day; You must have seen the use of partitions in different spaces.
This product is available in two types, fixed and movable, with different heights and tailored to the needs of users. Its fixed type, as its name implies, is fixed with bolts on the ground and in the desired place, and its height is short, long or attached to the ceiling according to the need. The mobile type is also portable and can be moved to any location. Its mobile type design has more diverse designs due to its appearance criteria.

Advantages and disadvantages of using partitions

Sharing a shared workspace has been popular for the past few years, but it also has its drawbacks. Due to the sharing of a space with several rooms that are not acoustically strong, it is possible to create noise pollution and the presence of noise and noise in the environment; This destroys the existence of privacy. In some cases, in case of incorrect design and definition of the number of uses and large sections in a large hall next to each other; Especially in office environments, it can cause distraction or even congestion and stress in employees' work.
One of the advantages of using a partition, as we mentioned earlier, is the optimal use of a large space and its division into a number of rooms with different uses. All this is if the design and division of spaces, the way of access is done in a principled and standard way. It is also necessary to state that the use of office partitions with beautiful and very special designs in accordance with the desired space, gives a different effect to the decoration of the office environment.

Types of partitions

Single wall partition

Single-wall partitions are mostly used to divide office spaces, and you can use it to create more space in your office. This type of partition is offered in the form of frames made of glass and wood and without frames only made of glass. Frameless partitions usually take up less space and make the space appear larger due to the removal of frames between the glass. The frame type is usually in the form of blocks with metal frames, usually made of aluminum, which, when placed next to each other, create a complete wall to divide the space. The placement of the frames can create attractive designs based on the desired space. Framed partitions are compatible with a variety of modern and classic decorations. It is worth noting that if you want your room, desk or office furniture to be invisible at times, you should use single-walled wooden partitions or patterned frosted or semi-frosted glass to block or reduce visibility. Use the room.

Double wall partition
To solve the problem of noise pollution in the office environment, we recommend using double-walled partitions. This type of partition is used to separate group work halls, open office spaces, computer sites, conference halls and create a pleasant and beautiful space. One of the most important features of double-walled partitions is the ability to run power, telephone and network cables through its two walls; Which creates order in the office environment. This type has a thin and strong aluminum frame with matte and glossy chrome plating, as well as wood coating, and if desired, has a variety of fabrics with different views on the part or all partition blocks, which is used in office space decoration is unique. Creates. Double-walled partitions can be produced with a variety of materials and can be applied to a variety of glass, wood or fabric and leather. Also, in double-walled glass partitions, it is possible to install blinds or patterned frosted and semi-frosted glass to block the view temporarily or permanently, depending on the needs and conditions.

How to choose the right partition for your space?

You may have different criteria for using the office partition in different places. Knowing your needs and meeting the criteria for choosing the product you want will help you to use the best option to optimize the space. It is important to know what factors should be considered in choosing the type and model of the partition?
The first factor is the type of partition material. In this case, your choice is between the type of glass and wood, each of which can give a special effect to the interior decoration of the house, hotel decoration or office environments. Note that the type of material depends on the use of the defined space as well as the amount of privacy required for that space. If the defined space is designed in a place where lighting through the window is not possible and also the partitions extend to the ceiling or, for example, you are not forbidden to see into the meeting room; We suggest using the type of glass. You can also use blinds in double-walled partitions for emergencies when you want to turn the space into a completely closed room.
Wooden partitions are also selected according to your needs in relation to the importance of room privacy; For example, in some offices, the meeting room should be completely secure, in which case single or double-walled wooden partitions can be used, depending on how important the acoustics of the meeting room are. If you need sound insulation for this space, it is better to use double-walled partitions to divide the space.
If you decide to make the office room a center for your employees and design it with special and stylish accessories such as office sofa, work desk, TV table and decorative library; We recommend using glass and double-walled partitions. In this case, you can provide an imposing room with a beautiful design, and of course, you can use the blinds to create privacy in your management room.
Partitions are sometimes used indoors to separate different spaces. For example, with the help of a screen, the entrance of the house can be separated from the living room, or this type of partition can be used to separate large rooms or kitchens from the living room.

The second factor is the mobility or stability of the partition that must be considered. Movable partitions, also called screens, are more efficient indoors and can be moved to a new location even when relocated. Other models in the home include the decorative type, which is very efficient these days with the modern interior decoration space and is used in home design. There are two types of short and long decorative models, one of which can be selected based on the desired space.
Most offices and companies do not want to spend a lot of money to create a room with false brick or plaster walls, given that they have to provide enough space for different departments; So by choosing an open space with a large area, they use fixed partitions to create multiple rooms. Office partitions can be made of wood and glass based on its application. If you want to have less noise pollution and create a calmer atmosphere for your employees; We recommend using a double-walled type of wood that extends to the ceiling.

Modern and classic style in choosing partitions

The first thing that comes to mind in interior design is the desired style for interior design. Of course, note that it is not always the choice of classic, old-fashioned or old-fashioned style. In recent years, very beautiful and stylish designs have been made in this style, which the viewer enjoys seeing. But in order to be able to follow more principles in the classic style, in choosing a partition, use its wooden type to have more maneuverability in the design. One of the reasons is the ability to paint and create different designs on wooden partitions.
On the other hand, in the design of modern space, the use of glass partitions is the first letter. As mentioned earlier, the use of framed glass partitions with a special design can create a very stylish and attractive atmosphere in the office or even at home. Of course, as we said, in the end, choosing the type of partition depends entirely on the taste of the designer and the needs of the user. In this article, we have only dealt with the applications of different types of office partitions and the place of use of each of them. We hope that reading this article will provide you with useful information to achieve a beautiful space that fits your needs.

Office partitions

With years of experience in the field of office furniture and equipment, Mohit Ara produces a variety of double-walled, single-walled and frameless office partitions under the brand name of Proval according to the needs of its customers. The common feature of all Mohit Ara office partitions is that all the parts and fittings necessary to install the partition blocks have been designed and manufactured by the same company and each part has been registered in the document registration office under the Mohit Ara brand. As a result, any copying of these products is prosecuted. Due to the exclusivity of the specific parts and profiles used in Prival partitions, you will not find samples of these products with this quality and beauty in similar samples available in the market. Single-walled and double-walled partitions are static in their partition category and do not require additional holes on the floor and walls to install this type of partition. Also, if needed and relocated, it is possible to dismantle the partition blocks and install the partitions in the new location without any damage.
Prival partitions, despite their beauty and stylish and modern appearance, have a very high strength and can be implemented up to a height of 3.6 meters for wooden partitions and up to 4 meters for one-piece glass partitions. Of course, it must be taken into account that the conditions of the building and the rotation of the stairs are suitable for carrying blocks of this size.
These partitions have a high durability and longevity and can be opened and closed many times and resized for use in different places with the least waste of materials. It is also possible to open and close any of the partition blocks without having to disassemble the side blocks.